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Custom Car Wraps

Saskatoon Sign Company is your go-to company for commercial car wraps in Saskatoon. Our new vinyl wraps are ideal for your commercial fleet and make it stand out on the roads. A commercial van wrap has numerous advantages, including advertising your company’s services, marketing locations, and showcasing products. Our skilled sign makers are dedicated to providing exceptional quality and attention to detail in every car wrap we design. 

What is a Car Wrap?

To begin, it is critical to understand that advertising car wraps not only improve visibility and brand recognition, but they also provide protection. Heavy-duty vinyl applied to a car’s exterior can help protect it from dents, fading, and minor scratches.

Auto wraps are large vinyl graphics or decals that are applied directly to all or some of a car’s painted surfaces. They have the ability to change the colour and overall appearance of a vehicle, allowing for vibrant and noticeable marketing and branding for your Saskatoon business. They are completely removable, making them an excellent choice.

As the premier car graphic and sign company in Saskatoon, would be happy to speak with you and provide more information about wraps. We’ll listen to your goals and objectives before recommending solutions to help your brand grow. Whether you want vinyl car decals or something more comprehensive, you can rely on our team to help you explore all of the uses of car wraps available and how to best use them based on your needs.

The Many Benefits of Wrapping Your Car

Vehicle graphics and wraps are versatile forms of advertising. Decorating them with car stickers depicting your brand name and logo raises awareness wherever it goes. Depending on how frequently your car is driven, this can mean a lot of places and a lot of eyes, and if you get a ceramic car coating to protect the graphics, you will be able to raise brand awareness for many years to come.

The Most Important Advantages of Cars with Wraps

  • Protect the factory paint on your car.
  • Fantastic marketing opportunity for your company.
  • Identifies your individual vehicles and brand recognition.
  • Car wraps are easily removed and replaced.
  • Long lasting and cost effective advertising on your car.

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Types of Wraps and Which One is Right for You

There are a few popular layout options in the world of wraps. Different configurations offer varying levels of coverage and price points. These are our basic options:

  • Vinyl Lettering. Cut vinyl decals are used for basic vinyl lettering. These decals could include your company name, email, phone number, and website. Vinyl lettering and decals are applied to your vehicle’s visible panels which are usually on the side and rear panels. The cut decal car window stickers is a quick and easy way to market your company’s brand and contact information. You can combine colours and styles at an additional cost. Installation is also quick. This is the most cost effective way for car advertising.
  • Partial Car Wrap. The partial car wrap is digitally printed on white vinyl. The wrap will cover the majority of your vehicle. In the end, the film covers your vehicle’s panels from top to bottom. Partial wraps are popular for the  rear section to increase exposure while driving. They can be combined with some vinyl lettering for maximum impact. After wrapping, you can expect 1/2 to 3/4 of the car to be covered.
  • Full Car Wraps. A full car wrap covers all panels of a vehicle except the roof and lower panels below the bumper line. A full wrap gives you the most design freedom and maximizes the amount of marketing real estate available on your car wrap. Full car wraps provide some truly amazing design opportunities. The most time-consuming to design and install is a full wrap. The graphic is intended to cover the entire vehicle in a beautiful wrap by spanning across all panels seamlessly.

This type of wrap is intended for companies that want to make a name for themselves in the industry. Many businesses use full wraps to distinguish themselves from the competition. A full wrap is the most visible option and addresses every possible angle.

What Types of Car Wrap Materials Do You Use?

We only use high-quality automotive vinyl wraps at Saskatoon Sign Company. These materials include 3m car wrap and Avery Dennison products designed specifically for automotive graphic wraps. There are two basic types of vinyl: calendared and cast. Cast vinyl is high quality film and more conforming to complex curves. It also tends to shrink less over time than cast, so will not peel as easily. Commercial vinyl wraps must be of high quality and conform well to contours. For added durability, all of our printed commercial automotive vinyl graphics are laminated. Please let us know if you are looking for a temporary auto wrap or vinyl installation where durability is not a concern. Here are some of the wraps we carry.

  • Black Car Wrap
  • Chrome Wrap
  • Camo Car Wrap
  • Carbon Fibre Wrap
  • Colour Change Car Wrap
  • Many Different Cool Car Wrap Colours

Car Wrap FAQ

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The Process of Wrapping a Car

  • Design. We recommend that you have an idea as to how your car should look like that is consistent with your brand. That is to say, set some rules for a designer to work with to ensure consistency. Designing your car signage will be easier once this is in place. You can bring your car wrap ideas as well.
  • Layout. Each vehicle has distinct characteristics. We collect the make and model and get the blueprints. Our graphic designers lay the design over the template. This gives us a visual idea of how your design will look. We can use blueprint to avoid costly mistakes and fine-tune the auto wrap design for your specific vehicle.
  • Production Files. We prepare a car wrap design for print once it has been approved. Your vinyl graphic car wrap is divided into panels, and bleed is added as needed to help with vinyl wrap installation. When all of the files are finished, they are compiled and labelled for printing.
  • Printing. We take extra precautions when it comes to printed vinyl graphics used for auto wraps. To maximize material yield, all our auto wrap vinyl panels are nested. After printing, the vinyl is left to dry for 24 hours. The film is laminated after the outgassing of your vehicle wrap is complete. The lamination adds durability to the print and makes it easier to clean.
  • Installation. We recommend that you have your car detailed and cleaned. This includes the areas surrounding the vinyl-wrapped panels. The goal is to keep surrounding debris and dust from contaminating the vinyl installation.
  • Touch Ups. The vinyl wrap is checked for bubbles and contaminants and fixed if necessary. You will be notified to pick up your vehicle once the vinyl wrap has been completed and passed quality control.

Get the Best Wrap for Cars

Saskatoon Sign Company will expertly apply custom auto decals that blend in with the underlying paint job to turn your car into a work of art. Our car signs and stickers can be personalized to include your company’s logo and slogan, as well as important information such as your phone number and website. If you’ve been wondering whether your company could benefit from this novel marketing strategy, the answer is yes. Car graphics and wraps can be created in a variety of sizes and are an excellent way to increase visibility for your Saskatoon business. Our professional car and truck wrap installers design and install high-quality wraps and graphics. In addition to car wraps, we can also produce other vinyl wraps, even boat wraps. There is no limit to what we can create, from car door decals to full wraps and vinyl lettering.