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There’s really nothing that showcases your brand personality and promotes your high-margin and in-demand products while supporting your team like high quality and durable custom made signage.

Let’s face it, all the good, memorable signs that we see are custom designed and made with the utmost care and attention and with high quality materials. At Saskatoon Sign Company we have the skills and experience to make the custom sign making experience a successful and smooth one for you and your business. If you are looking for custom business signs, you can get an obligation-free estimate from our sign experts today.

All Types of Custom Signs

Nothing says more about your business than your company’s personalized signs. When considering having custom made signs in Saskatoon, keep in mind that these marketing tools are usually the first things people see as they approach your premises. So it is very important to put effort into updating your business sign to keep up with the times.

Any sign that is not mass produced can be considered a custom sign. So that can basically include anything, from stickers to floor decals to car wraps and light up custom signs. The important thing to keep in mind is that one should work with a professional signs designer and maker who is experienced with the entire sign printing and sign making process. To fully customize your sign, it starts at the graphic design stage and we have the appropriate design tool to bring your vision to life.

Some of the most popular signs that people like having customized are letters signage, wood signs and metal signs.

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Custom Business Signs Made Affordable

Add the word “custom” to anything and one can expect the price to at least double. In most cases that’s true and certainly that can be the case when you are trying to customize a sign. However, we are a custom sign shop that believes that every business is unique enough and important enough to have at least some custom graphics and banners to promote its message. We work with a variety of industries, customers and budget so we are sure to have some solutions for you that’s affordable.

Create Custom Business Signage that Customers can’t Miss (or Resist)

Signs are incredibly important for all businesses. Next to your website, it’s probably the next biggest driver of traffic into your establishment. Here are some things to keep in mind when you want to purchase specialty signage.

  • Choose the Right Sign Company. If it’s a large project, ask around to a few businesses and see their pricing and what they provide in terms of materials. Make sure they are comparable. You want to come across as a serious customer looking to purchase a sign, and it’s okay to compare a few vendors.
  • Design Your Sign with Goals in Mind. Do you need the sign to help you sell something? You should emphasize your unique advantages as of your product or services compared to other sellers. Display prominently why you are different from other businesses. Do you need the sign to get people through the door? Think about visibility, size and readability of your sign.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of engaging the services of a professional sign designer who can work with your own sign design and concepts and make sure that you are following the best practices when it comes to things like size, colours and contrast for your custom sign with logo. 

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Expert Custom Signs Consultation that You can Trust

Our Saskatoon custom sign makers can provide you with the friendly support and skills necessary to create the custom company sign that your company deserves.  Saskatoon Sign Company is ready to become your local signage partner for eye-catching, bold signs that deliver customers through your doors.