Ground Signs Uncovered: Costs and Essential Details

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A corrugated plastic lawn sign that advertises a construction company, installed on grass.

Ground signs are a key component of any business’s outdoor advertising strategy. They are visible from or near ground level and come in various forms, including monument signs, pylon signs, custom signs with digital displays or illumination, and signs with pin-mounted or channel letters. Understanding the costs and essential details of these signs is crucial for businesses considering this investment.

Monument Signs: Durability and Cost

Monument signs are strong, sturdy, and usually positioned at the side of the road or at the entrance to a parking lot. They often have a concrete base and may include other elements like strong plastic or aluminum. These signs are designed to last at least five years without needing maintenance. The cost for a monument sign can range from $6,000 to $10,000 or more, depending on the materials and size. Their permanence means they require special equipment for installation or removal, and regular maintenance to ensure visibility is not obstructed by foliage.

Pylon Signs: Height and Visibility

Pylon signs are similar to monument signs but are generally taller, making them ideal for businesses that need to be visible from a distance, like grocery stores, shopping centers, and large organizations. The starting price for a small pylon sign is around $10,000, with costs increasing based on materials and installation requirements. Like monument signs, pylon signs are permanent installations and require specialized equipment for installation.

Custom Signs: Digital Displays and Illumination

Custom signs often include digital displays or illumination, making them more costly than basic signs. A small custom sign may start at $5,000, with larger signs costing $20,000 and up. These signs are usually permanent and require electricity, so professional design and installation are necessary to ensure functionality and safety. The advantage of custom signs is the ability to change the digital message, offering flexibility in communication.

Signs with Channel Letters or Pin-Mounted Letters

These signs use solid letters fastened to the sign with metal pins or are made from materials like plastic or metal and can be illuminated. They are often attached to walls, sign panels, or monuments and can be seen at ground level. The cost for these signs ranges from $4,000 to $20,000, depending on size and lighting options. Maintenance is relatively easier as individual letters can be replaced if damaged.

Considerations for Ground Signs

When choosing ground signs, businesses must consider several factors:

  • Permanence: Ground signs are typically permanent installations. Changing or moving them can be expensive due to the special equipment required.
  • Visibility: Regular maintenance is needed to ensure the sign remains visible and not obstructed by natural growth.
  • Electricity: For illuminated or digital signs, proper electrical installation is crucial for safety and functionality.
  • Cost: The cost varies significantly based on the type of sign, materials used, size, and installation requirements.

Making the Right Choice

For businesses in Saskatoon, selecting the right ground sign involves balancing visibility, cost, and maintenance. Whether it’s High impact outdoor advertising signs or signs for pylons, working with a professional sign printer ensures that your sign not only captures attention but also aligns with your brand’s image and budget.