8 Monument Sign Designs Guaranteed to Impress

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A monument sign for a dentist office with the building in the background.

Monument signs are a significant aspect of business branding, offering a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. These signs are not just about marking a location; they’re about making a statement. Here are eight monument sign designs that are guaranteed to impress and enhance your business’s visibility.

1. Building Bricks Design

A monument sign made with a mountain of bricks, caged in with black iron bars, offers a unique and unexpected design. This type of sign, found in Sunsuria City, Malaysia, showcases how using unconventional materials can create a standout monument sign.

2. Zoo-licious Signage

The Auckland Zoo‘s entrance sign is a great example of earthy and fun monument signage. Using a brown monotone with cut-out foliage and a single kiwi, this sign stands out with its depth and strong base made of large stones, giving an impression of permanence.

3. Modern Monument

For those who prefer a modern aesthetic, consider a monument sign with clean lines and a simple layout. A combination of brilliant orange with slate grey and white font can create an attractive and understated look.

4. Modern Meets Mother Nature

Combining natural elements with industrial design can yield stunning results. A monument sign that pairs a natural multi-colored dry stone wall with an industrial-looking metal sign creates a visually appealing contrast.

5. Digital Monument Signs

Adding a digital display to your monument sign can make it stand out even more. Digital displays offer the flexibility to update signage without needing a new physical sign, and they can incorporate both text and multimedia content.

6. Water Feature Monument

Incorporating a water feature into a monument sign can add a touch of class and professionalism. A design that combines water trickling over majestic dark grey stones can be both stunning and effective.

7. Location-Themed Sign

A sign that reflects its location can be particularly impactful. For example, a sign advertising islands, placed on its own small island, creates a thematic and eye-catching impression.

8. Scandinavian-Inspired Signs

Brightly colored, see-through signs designed in Scandinavia offer a unique and mind-blowing approach to monument signage. These signs are perfect for businesses looking for something out of the ordinary to grab attention.Incorporating these innovative designs into your custom signs can significantly boost your business’s curb appeal. Whether it’s for a zoo, a modern business complex, or a nature-inspired setting, monument signs provide a versatile and impactful solution. Partnering with a professional signage business in Saskatoon can help you bring these creative ideas to life, ensuring your sign monument not only marks your location but also elevates your brand’s presence.